My home had four walls

And a new roof overhead

Torched down to stay the leaks

That the old wood did so dread


My home had a big garage

Wherein I used to toil

Hammering, painting or sawing

Sometimes changing oil


My home had hardwood floors

That I exposed six years ago

With a generous amount of help

Of a girl the house came to know


My home had two wonderful dogs

And a colossus of a cat

My best friends on this earth

Who waited for me at the welcome mat


My home was a centerpiece

Where memories still often carry me

To the bedroom, kitchen or den

To my cherished blossoming pear tree


My home stood for years before

It came into my young life

And almost as long before

The arrival of my eventual wife


My home is there still today

The roof, the walls and doors

The only difference is

My home isnít mine anymore