Daniel B. Silver



I saw a snail attached to the taillight of a Honda Civic today
A gold sedan manufactured about eight years ago
Cloth seats and an in-dash CD player
Comfortably seating four
A black woman at the helm in her office attire

Transfixed by this sight as I traveled on HWY24
Like a barnacle on a whale in the fathoms below
The snail stuck still, but moving no less
On what was its premier luxury ride
To and from destinations unknown

I’m not trying to boast, and I might not have been the only one
Who saw the snail there, so precariously perched
But it seemed to me there was probably a limited demographic
Who recognized that they were witnessing
The greatest adventure of a lifetime

Logically I knew it was unlikely that he would make it
To his destination in one piece
And not obliterated on the asphalt
But I very much like to think that he made it safely
And became famous for his daring, and spirit of discovery

It occurred to me when I lost track of the snail’s Civic chariot
That it was possible someone saw me in that passenger seat
And from a distant satellite’s view
He knew the odds were against me
But hoped my journey would be a success too